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Govan Mbeki Electricity


The Govan Mbeki Local Municipality (LM) is currently indebted to Eskom to the amount of R504 364 080 as at March 2018 for bulk supply of electricity. A large portion of this debt is long outstanding and has escalated since 1 August 2003. Govan Mbeki LM has breached several agreed repayment plans with ESKOM. The residents of Govan Mbeki municipality approached OUTA after enduring ongoing electricity disruptions. Following OUTA’s recent institutional analysis (financial year 2016/2017 audit report) on the Govan Mbeki Municipality it was found that 48% of electricity distributed is lost due to insufficient management controls, which results in a loss of R 168 580 752 (R168Million) in annual revenue.


  • To guarantee all paying and indigent residents have access to an uninterrupted electricity supply
  • To stop maladministration, mismanagement and corruption within local government by implementing accountability
  • To hold the officials and politicians accountable for sustainable service delivery

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Eskom has subsequently issued notices of planned electricity interruptions which are due to start on the 16th April 2018 because of non-payment by the municipality. Eskom plans to ultimately disconnect the supply of electricity indefinitely, should the municipality not settle its debt. This action will have detrimental consequences for the local communities and economy.


  1. To engage with the relevant local municipal authorities addressing the threat of cuts to the electrical supply
  2. Should the administration fail in fulfilling its mandate of provide service delivery, OUTA Local Government will ensure that the officials and politicians who are failing in their duties are brought to book