OUTA disappointed with poor forensic investigations in Atul Gupta court case

South Africa’s judicial system has once again been proven to be independent of the political climate when it ruled in favour of Atul Gupta.

09/03/2018 09:20:24

OUTA disappointed with poor forensic investigations in Atul Gupta court case

The controversial Gupta brother had his account unfrozen following a court application by the Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU). While, Judge Fouche Jordaan stated that some activities in the Bank of Baroda accounts appear to be extremely suspicious, the prosecution’s evidence in this matter was not reliable and therefore, he had no choice to but to rule against the state.

“A good functioning justice system requires, solid investigations that result in a water tight case. We cannot rush cases as and when political mood changes. The Hawks and NPA need to be consistent in their various duties to avoid obvious mistakes,” said OUTA COO, Ben Theron.

Theron added that OUTA is working tirelessly to ensure that the state capture enquiry, due to begin shortly, is provided with air-tight evidence to ensure a fair outcome that exposes the truth about the role the Gupta brothers played in looting state funds.

“The Commission’s work will be challenged unless the prosecutorial arms of Government are geared, competent and able to investigate and hold those responsible to account. Our team of dedicated researches, investigators and legal experts are working round the clock to gather evidence that is undisputable. We believe that this will give the commission the chance to evaluate the true extent of the Gupta family’s dealings in the Estina Dairy Farm project and other cases”.

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