E-toll discount extension was predictable

After the public largely rejected SANRAL’s 60% e-toll discount offer, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is in no way surprised that SANRAL has been forced to extend the period by another 10 days in an attempt to claw back a bit more of the R5.9 billion discounted e-toll debt.

06/05/2016 11:38:51

E-toll discount extension was predictable

SANRAL’s recent legal summonsing of a few handpicked e-toll defaulters, is an attempt to spook the public into “taking advantage” of the e-toll discount dispensation deadline extension, while in reality, the scheme has been shunned and the uptake has been far too low to convert the scheme to a sustainable one. All research and evidence has shown the public are defying the system as a matter of principal and not only for financial reasons.

"We are  moved by the incredible support we have received and the fact that the majority of motorists still continue to defy the scheme. OUTA's supportership has continued growing by several thousands over the last few weeks and we are encouraged by the amount of organisations and citizens outside our supportership base who are choosing to defend themselves against the summons," says Wayne Duvenage, Chairman of OUTA.

Unless there is a change of heart, a display of absolute transparency and a discontinuation of incessant misleading information by SANRAL, the public has every reason to disbelieve and distrust this state owned entity, whose leadership is on record in the courts and media of providing false information to the public.

OUTA fully supports those who stand up for their rights, whilst maintaining the stance that e-tolls were introduced unlawfully and will offer full legal defence of its supporters who are summonsed for the non-payment of e-tolls.

OUTA is a proudly South African civil action organisation, that is purely crowd funded. Our work is supported by ordinary citizens who are passionate about holding government accountable and ensuring our taxes are used to the benefit of all South Africans.