Ensuring the efficient and prosperous functioning of municipalities, free from the abuse of authority and governed with the efficient use of tax revenue.


To be a trusted vehicle for positive change, promoting and advancing the South African Constitution and other democratic processes on a local level. We do so by:

Ensuring the taxation policy and the regulatory environment (as a whole or part), is duly applied in a transparent manner, and that the local communities are empowered and encouraged to exercise their rights in participating and influencing how their local tax revenues are spent.

Challenging the waste, maladministration and corrupt use of local taxes, through application of clear and effective methodologies, and following through with action when and where necessary, to hold those responsible for the maladministration and / or corruption, to account for their behaviour and actions.

OUTA Local Government Initiative: Supported by a national imperative, expertise and platforms, all OUTA Local Government branches operate independently and are not aligned or affiliated to any political party. Each branch is supported and funded by the local citizens, business and other donor institutions within the respective municipalities, to conduct the work of  investigations, research, communication and litigation.


  1. To drive the OUTA vision and mission on local level;
  2. To establish a platform which ensures a transparent, democratic and accountable local government;
  3. To act on behalf of and with the local community through responsible action and public participation;
  4. To drive local initiatives responsibly within the framework of the OUTA Constitution;
  5. To organise and enhance public participation throughout the local government’s operating processes by empowering and mobilising the local community and business;
  6. To protect and uphold the rights of local residents, communities and ratepayers regarding sustainable service delivery within the local municipality;
  7. To drive active- and responsible citizenry within their community;
  8. To drive local community prosperity initiatives within the framework of the OUTA mandate; and
  9. To ensure a safe and healthy environment within the jurisdiction of the local government; and
  10. To promote and protect the Constitution of South Africa.